Friday, May 31, 2013

Planning on forming a Local or Regional Review Team?

If your organization is planning to form a Local Child Fatality Review Team convened by or with the support of your local public health agency, please complete this form to let CDPHE Child Fatality Prevention System staff know. Based on the requirements of the recent legislation that passed, local review teams must meet the following criteria:
  • On or before January 1, 2015, each county or district public health agency must establish a local child fatality prevention review team. County or district public health agencies may collaborate to form a regional Child Fatality Prevention Review Team to fulfill this requirement.
  • Each local or regional review team must include representatives of public and nonpublic agencies in the county or counties that provide services to children and their families, including:
    • County departments of public health;
    • Local law enforcement agencies;
    • District attorney's office;
    • School districts;
    • County departments of human services;
    • Coroner's office or medical examiner's office; and 
    • County attorney's office.
  • In addition to the above members, local or regional Child Fatality Prevention Review Teams may include representatives from the following agencies:
    • Hospitals, trauma centers, or other providers of emergency medical services;
    • County board of social services;
    • Mental health professionals;
    • Medical professionals specializing in pediatrics;
    • Court-appointed special advocate programs;
    • Child advocacy centers;
    • Private out-of-home placement providers;
    • Victim advocates associated with law enforcement agencies; and
    • Community members at large.
Colorado Child Fatality Prevention System staff will be available to provide assistance and support to teams as they form, including sample MOUs, local contacts, and more. We look forward to working with you!

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