Case Assignments and Data Entry

Local teams must start reviewing 2014 cases now! If you don't have access to the Death Certificate FTP Website, contact us by clicking the big green button to your right. 

Also, please contact us if you have any questions about the case assignment process, data entry, how to answer a question on the National Center data collection website, or other general questions about the review process.

Helpful Documents for Case Review and Data Entry

National Center For Fatality Review and Prevention Resources:

Data Entry Help:

Sudden Unexpected Infant Death:

Motor Vehicle:

CFPS Blog Posts Related to Data

Child Fatality Data Website Links

Death Certificate FTP Website

1. Open in Google Chrome, and go to the death certificate FTP website.

2. Enter your State issued username followed by "\" (without the quotes).  
For example, username\
3. Enter your password (the long, crazy one). If you have access to other state applications, your password to this website will change when you change your password to them.

Contact us if you get locked out of either of these websites!