CFPS State Review Team

CFPS State Review Team members Laurie Andrews
(Tri County Health Department) and Scott Harpin
(University of Colorado) testifying at the Colorado
Capitol in January 2016

The Child Fatality Prevention System (CFPS) State Review Team, a volunteer multidisciplinary, multi-agency committee composed of experts in child health and safety that works collaboratively with State Support Team to prevent deaths of children less than 18 years of age. Members of the State Review Team are experts in the fields of child abuse prevention, pediatrics, family law, death investigation, motor vehicle safety and sudden unexpected infant death (SUID)/sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

The Child Fatality Prevention Act created the Colorado State Child Fatality Prevention Review Team (CFPS State Review Team). The Team is comprised of 46 members representing multiple disciplines and agencies, explicitly described in the legislation, and shall be appointed for three-year terms. The State Review Team includes:
  • Eighteen (18) voting members appointed by the Governor,
  • Sixteen (16) voting members who represent state agencies (CDPHE, Department of Human Services, Colorado Department of Public Safety and Colorado Department of Education) appointed by the executive directors, and
  • Twelve (12) additional non-voting members selected by majority vote of the Team.

CFPS State Review Team Purpose and Roles

The purpose of the Child Fatality Prevention System (CFPS) is to conduct multidisciplinary and comprehensive reviews of child fatalities that occur in Colorado in order to better understand how and why children die and to develop and implement prevention recommendations to prevent future deaths. These reviews are conducted by local child fatality prevention and review teams across the state. The CFPS State Review Team reviews the aggregated data and recommendations submitted by all of the local teams to identify recommendations to prevent child deaths in Colorado, including policy recommendations. The recommendations for prevention from the CFPS State Review Team and local team discussions, as well as trends and patterns of child deaths, are compiled at the end of each data year and discussed by the full State Review Team. On an annual basis, the CFPS prioritizes policy and practice recommendations to prevent child fatalities and submits the recommendations to the Governor and the Colorado General Assembly in an annual legislative report. To read reports from previous years, please click here.

CFPS State Review Team members also participate in workgroups to provide guidance to implement prevention strategies related to infant safe sleep promotion, accident and injury prevention, child maltreatment prevention, violence prevention, suicide prevention and motor vehicle safety. These workgroups collaborate with other state-level workgroups and teams to implement the prevention strategies including Colorado Young Drivers Alliance, Suicide Prevention Commission, Essentials for Childhood Collective Impact Team and the Colorado Consortium for Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention. In addition, CFPS State Review Team members participate on the following CFPS State Review Team subcommittees:
  • CFPS Investigative and Data Quality Subcommittee: the purpose of this subcommittee is to improve child fatality data quality through the increased use of the Sudden Unexpected Infant Death Reporting Form (SUIDIRF) at investigative agencies; creation and dissemination of a standardized suicide death scene investigation form; and improved processes for child fatality data entry, analysis, and dissemination. 
  • CFPS Advocacy and Legislative Subcommittee: the purpose of this subcommittee is to share information and provide support for the recommendations that were made to policymakers to prevent child fatalities in previous CFPS Annual Reports. In January 2016, members of the subcommittee testified and provided updates to Colorado state legislators during the Joint Senate Health and Human Services, House Health Insurance and Environment and House Public Health Care and Human Services Committees meeting.
  • CFPS Child Maltreatment Prevention Subcommittee: the purpose of this subcommittee is to explore opportunities to prevent child maltreatment and improve child maltreatment data sharing across systems and agencies to protect children. 
  • Infant Safe Sleep Partnership: the purpose of this workgroup is to implement sudden unexpected infant death (SUID) prevention strategies and promote infant safe sleep.
CFPS State Review Team Time Commitment

The subcommittee meetings as well as the full State Review Team meet on a quarterly basis. To find out more information about the meeting schedule and to view past meeting materials, please click here. All meetings are in Denver, CO, but there is always a call-in option for members that are not in the Denver metro area. These meetings are open to the public and anyone can join.

How to Get Involved

If you are interested in filling one of the Governor-appointed positions, please fill out an online application from the Governor's Office of Boards and Commissions. The application can be accessed here. When applying for a position, please select "Child Fatality Prevention Review Team, Colorado State" under the question that asks, "Which Boards and Commissions are you interested in?"

If you are interested in serving in another position or serving as a subject matter expert to the team, please contact the CFPS Support Team: