Meet the CFPS State Support Team

The Child Fatality Prevention System support staff at the CDPHE will serve to help communities organize local review teams and conduct effective reviews. They are committed to providing guidance, technical assistance (TA) and training to foster a statewide, coordinated system. 

Kate Jankovsky, Program Manager
Oversees implementation and evaluation of CFPS to ensure the program meets its goals and objectives to review child deaths and develop recommendations to prevent child fatalities. Facilitates the 46-member, multidisciplinary CFPS State Review Team and associated subcommittees and works closely with the Colorado Department of Human Services (CDHS) Child Fatality Review Team (CFRT) to develop joint prevention recommendations. Oversees funding for local public health agencies to support local teams and provides guidance to local team coordinators to ensure they have the skills, knowledge, and resources to convene and facilitate local team meetings and implement prevention strategies.

Megan Stayton, CFPS Coordinator

Provides in-person and remote technical assistance and training to local teams on the following topics: records requesting, data abstraction, data entry, team facilitation, and development of prevention recommendations. Assigns cases to local teams and ensures data quality assurance for all cases, but with specific emphasis on Sudden Unexpected Infant Death (SUID) cases. Manages the monthly CFPS newsletter, which contains information regarding system best practice, trainings and events, funding opportunities and articles related to CFPS.

Sasha Mintz, Epidemiologist and Data Analyst

Oversees and performs day-to-day data-related operations of CFPS, including case assignments and quality assurance, analysis and dissemination, modification and maintenance of the CFPS dashboard. Facilitates the Investigative and Data Quality Subcommittee, which focuses on areas for improvement in both data quality captured by the system and collaborating with investigative agencies to improve investigative standards and subsequent data quality. Visits with local communities to share and discuss the community’s data with the local team and help local teams understand the limitations and strengths of the data collected by CFPS. The author of the data component of the CFPS newsletter.

Ginna Jones, Prevention and Technical Assistance Coordinator
Works with CDPHE and the Colorado Department of Transportation to provide motor vehicle injury and fatality prevention expertise including best practice recommendations, development  of educational resources, traffic safety shared risk and protective factors, advocacy support and evaluation planning. Leads the Colorado Young Drivers Alliance and the Colorado Occupant Protection Task Force, maintains the Colorado Young Drivers Alliance blog and helps local teams identify strategies for success.