Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Resources to Talk to Kids About Mass Shootings

The wonderful people at EmbraceRace (
 shared the following resources to help talk to children about mass shootings and gun violence:

In addition, there are many resources available at EmbraceRace for talking with children about race, racism, and supporting kids through racialized violence including webinars on "Supporting Kids of Color Amid Racialized Violence," "Violence Against Asian Americans," and "Addressing Racial Injustice With Young Children."

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Webinar: Child Sexual Abuse as a Public Health Problem

 We'd like to share this upcoming learning opportunity from our friends at the Kempe Center:

 Translating Child Maltreatment and ACEs Prevention Research into Practice

Jennie Noll, PhD
Wednesday, June 15: 11 AM (MT)
Childhood sexual abuse is a common, costly, and persistent problem affecting 20% of girls and 10% of boys worldwide. Survivors suffer a compounded convergence of mechanism that can set the stage for a host of deleterious outcomes including subsequent psychopathology, revictimization, substance abuse, teenage childbearing, sexual dysfunction, poor physical health, and intergenerational transmission. Annual US incidence rates have plateaued over the past few decades—an indication that preventions efforts have stagnated. Dr. Noll will outline the unique features that set sexual abuse apart from other forms of maltreatment and trauma in terms of its etiology, sequelae, and challenges for prevention.

By showcasing a unique state/university partnership, Dr. Noll will present results, as well as implementation triumphs and challenges, from a statewide universal sexual abuse prevention effort. Dr. Noll will also discuss the activities of Penn State’s NICHD Capstone Center for Excellence (P50HD089922, PI:Noll) which include: basic research on the biological embedding of child maltreatment; community-based-participatory research that directly benefits the child welfare system; and championing a National model for the Research-To-Policy collaboration where researchers compile relevant research, translate findings into products to educate, and support policymakers in evidence-informed policies designed to protect and promote the wellbeing of children.

Jennie G. Noll, Ph.D., is a professor of Human Development and Family Studies, Director of the Child Maltreatment Solutions Network, and PI of the NICHD P50 Capstone Center for Healthy Children.

Thursday, March 24, 2022

Social Justice Approach to Youth Engagement

The Rocky Mountain Public Health Training Center is currently accepting registrations for the following 7-week course:

Social Justice Approach
to Youth Engagement

April 12 - May 24
Tuesdays, 1:00 pm -2:00 pm MST
Are you ready to be challenged to move your youth engagement work forward? Are you looking for actionable ways to advance equity in your community?

Social justice youth development combines intentional anti-oppressive practice with and for young people, with knowledge and skill-building from youth development to support youth as they negotiate and disrupt the misuses of power in their lives.

During this seven-week course, participants will be expected to critically analyze how power, privilege, and oppression operate in their own lives and participate in conversations regarding how they can disrupt systems of power that oppress young people. This course will offer a mix of critical reflection, skill-building, applied practice, and tools and resources that will enable participants to be an advocate for and with youth.

This online course simulates an in-person training environment by having all participants on screen via video. This allows for an engaging and interactive learning environment where you get to know the instructor and the other participants.

Click here to learn more!

Registration closes on March 28th!

Monday, March 7, 2022

Webinar: Tackling the Silent Epidemic of Childhood Grief

 Upcoming Webinar hosted by Social Current

Tackling the Silent Epidemic of Childhood Grief

March 9 from 2-3 p.m. ET



Given the staggering number of COVID-related deaths, we are now facing a silent epidemic of grief, which will have a lifelong impact on the many children who have lost loved ones to COVID-19.


The good news is that parents, educators, and other caring adults can support grieving children in multiple ways, thereby ensuring the long-term well-being of our youth.


This presentation will describe how grief can manifest in children of different ages, key bereavement-related challenges that children and adolescents face, and what adults can do to recognize and support grieving youth.



  • How to recognize grief reactions in children of different ages
  • How to identify key bereavement-related challenges that youth face, especially in the context of the pandemic
  • What adults can do to support grieving youth, and how to know when mental health referrals are necessary



Thursday, February 17, 2022

Advancing Black Maternal and Child Health

The official theme for Black History Month 2022 is Black Health and Wellness. Our colleagues at the National Institute for Children's Health Quality (NICHQ) recently highlighted a couple of resources to advance Black maternal and child health.

Read about the impact of institutional racism on maternal and child health.

Watch a webinar providing a historical perspective on Black grief and infant loss and its connection to racism and social injustice. 

Thursday, February 3, 2022

Funding: Seed Grants for Injury & Violence Prevention


Photo by Gabriel Kidegho on Unsplash

Safe States is now accepting applications for three seed grants of $25,000 each to advance the vision outlined in a recent special convening of the Injury and Violence Prevention Network (IVPN). The IVPN special convening took place in December 2021 to further mobilize IVPN members and supporting colleagues to identify opportunities for the IVP field to collectively realize a vision for addressing inequities through partnership and policy activities.

The summary report from this meeting highlights discussions that:

  • Established a mutual intention for exploring the possibilities of addressing racial and health inequities in the IVP field.
  • Identified where the intersections exist that connect our daily IVP work to equity and justice approaches.
  • Analyzed successes, challenges, and barriers to addressing inequities in our IVP activities. 
  • Developed a shared vision of opportunities, actions, and responsibilities to address equity in our IVP partnership and policy strategies.
Through this current Request for Proposals (RFP), Safe States will award three seed grants of $25,000 each for use from March - September 2022 to operationalize and integrate equitable approaches to advance one or more of the needs identified during the IVPN special convening.

Learn more about the seed grants and how to apply here. Questions can be directed to 

Applications Due Friday, February 18, 2022.

Monday, January 31, 2022

Prevention of Child Injuries Associated with Furniture Tip-Overs


The Midwest Injury Prevention Alliance and Prevent Child Injury are co-hosting a Webinar that will discuss the Prevention of Child Injuries Associated with Furniture Tip-Overs. The webinar will be moderated by Nancy Cowles (Kids in Danger) and features a panel of experts in the field: Janet McGee, MBA (Parents Against Tip-Overs), William Wallace (Consumer Reports), and Jonathan Midgett, PhD (US Consumer Product Safety Commission). 

This is a FREE event, but registration is required. Click here to register.

Prevention of Child Injuries Associated with Furniture Tip-Overs Webinar

Date: Thursday, February 3, 2022
Time: 1:00 - 2:00pm ET

In addition, Prevent Child Injury will also be hosting a Twitter chat during the Furniture Tip-Overs Outreach Week of January 31 - February 6, 2022.. Prevent Child Injury encourages participants to use both their own resources and materials from the New ToolkitFurniture Tip-Overs toolkit in their outreach efforts. Follow @PreventChildInj and #StopTipOvers for more information on how to join in.


Furniture Tip-Overs Twitter Chat

Date: Tuesday, February 1, 2022
Time: 2:00 - 3:00pm ET