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A Public Health Perspective on Injury Prevention

Children's Safety Network

Moving Towards Health Equity: Understanding and Addressing Child and Adolescent Injury Disparities - The Children's Safety Now Alliance, representing injury prevention leaders and experts from national organizations, federal agencies, state health departments, hospitals, and universities, has created this fact sheet to assist public health practitioners to (a) use a health equity lens in their future injury and violence prevention practices and programs, and (b) reflect on existing practices and programs to make any necessary improvements.
Evidence-based and Evidence-informed Strategies for Child and Adolescent Injury Prevention - This paper will help state and local injury prevention practitioners—and others interested in child and adolescent injury prevention—better understand the existing evidence and identify knowledge gaps. These insights can help program planners make the best use of limited resources and implement strategies and programs that have the best chance of making a difference in promoting the safety and well-being of all children and adolescents.
Leveraging Funding Sources and Partnerships in Child and Adolescent Injury Prevention - This paper provides a compilation of multiple funding sources and strategic guidance on collaborating through traditional and non-traditional partnerships in order to achieve greater impact in reducing child and adolescent injury and violence.

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