Monday, August 11, 2014

Position Vacancies on the CFPS State Review Team

Are you interested in serving on the Child Fatality Prevention System State Review Team? Starting this September, there will be several position vacancies on the State Review Team. The team vacancies include:
  • Governor-appointed physician who specializes in traumatic injury or children's health (2 vacancies starting 9/1/14)
  • Governor-appointed nurse who specializes in traumatic injury or children's health (1 vacancy starting 9/1/14)
  • Governor-appointed rural district attorney (currently vacant)
  • Governor-appointed county commissioner (currently vacant)
  • Team-selected Court-appointed Special Advocate Program Director (currently vacant) 

For the governor-appointed positions, interested applicants will need to apply through the Governor's Office of Boards and Commissions using the following link: For the team-selected vacancy, interested applicants can send their resume to

To learn more about the CFPS State Review Team, please read the description below.

CFPS State Review Team Purpose and Duties

The purpose of the Child Fatality Prevention System (CFPS) is to conduct multi-disciplinary and comprehensive reviews of preventable child fatalities that occur in Colorado in order to better understand how and why children die and to develop prevention recommendations to prevent future deaths. Currently, the CFPS State Review Team conducts case-specific reviews on about 220 preventable child fatalities per year including undetermined causes, unintentional injury (e.g., drowning, falls, fires, poisoning), violence (e.g., homicide, any firearm death), motor vehicle incidents, child abuse or neglect, sudden unexpected infant death (e.g., sleep-related deaths), and suicide. The information from the reviews is entered into a web-based data collection tool so that the data can be analyzed and aggregated to identify risk factors and prevention opportunities. On an annual basis, the CFPS State Review Team reviews the aggregated data to prioritize state-level policy recommendations to submit to the governor and the Colorado General Assembly. To read the 2014 annual report, please click this link: 

Although the CFPS State Review Team will continue to review individual cases for the next year, after the 2013 data year ends, local child fatality review teams will conduct the individual reviews. The State Review Team will continue to make state-level, policy-related recommendations for the state legislature based on the prevention recommendations made by the local teams.

Time Commitment

There are five subcommittees that review cases (accident/injury, motor vehicle, sudden unexpected infant deaths (SUID)/sleep-related deaths, child abuse/neglect, and violence). The subcommittees usually meet every other month to review cases (except SUID which meets monthly) for two-hour meetings. Most CFPS State Review Team members sit on at least one subcommittee. 

In addition to the subcommittee meetings, the full CFPS State Review Team meets on a quarterly basis for a two-hour meeting.

All meetings are in Denver, CO, but we always have a call-in option for members that are not in the Denver metro area.  

How to Apply

Please fill out an online application from the Governor's Office of Boards and Commissions. The application can be accessed using the following link: When applying for a position, please select "Child Fatality Prevention Review Team, Colorado State" under the question that asks, "Which Boards and Commissions are you interested in?" 

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