Friday, August 29, 2014

Tips from Existing CFR Teams

During the Local CFR Coordinator training in June 2014, representatives from existing CFR teams hosted a panel to answer questions from new coordinators. Kristy Emerson (from Mesa County), Chloe Leipzig (from Larimer/Jackson Counties), Trish McClain (from Northeast Colorado), Jacque Frenier (from Morgan County), Jodi Byrnes (from Denver County), and Margaret Huffman and Sabra Anckner (both from Jefferson County) participated in the panel and were very helpful to the new coordinators!

When the existing teams were asked about one piece of advice for new local CFR teams, here's what they had to say:

  • Build a strong relationship with the coroner.
  • It's not about blame.
  • Provide food.
  • Have mutual respect among the team members.
  • Acknowledge team members for the tough work they do.
  • It's okay to disagree, but be respectful.
  • Remember that there is a lot of time to review the cases so don't stress about the data collection.
  • Keep the focus on prevention. That is the purpose of child fatality review.
  • Use the state support team. 

If you are interested in reaching out to existing local coordinators with any questions, contact the CFPS support staff and we can connect you with them!

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