Data and Reports

Data Dashboard
The CFPS Data Dashboard is a valuable data resource that local and state team members may access. The data included in this resource represents aggregated data captured through individual reviews of the deaths of persons under 18 who die in Colorado. The dashboard provides counts, rate, and circumstance data  on the leading causes and circumstances of death for all jurisdictions across Colorado and summarizes some of the most frequently requested data available from CFPS. The CFPS Data Dashboard is also one way to report aggregated data compiled and prepared following the end of each annual review cycle and will be updated on or before July 1st each year.
For more information about the CFPS Dashboard, data guidance, and use tutorials, please see this CFPS Dashboard Guidance.

2014-2018 CFPS Data Presentation
Watch the recorded data presentation from March 3, 2020. Times for fatality topics are listed below, and the slides are available here

00:02:21- Providing a lens for viewing & understanding the data
00:04:17- State overview
00:16:38- Child and youth suicide
00:41:10- Child maltreatment
00:53:06- Motor vehicle and other transportation
01:08:37- Sudden unexpected infant death (SUID)
01:20:47- Firearm
01:30:24- Unintentional drowning
01:36:53- Homicide
01:43:43- Unintentional poisoning 

Legislative Reports 
The State Review Team generates an annual legislative report for the Colorado General Assembly. The report includes recommendations for preventive actions and policy improvements to promote the safety and well-being of children that are based on the aggregated data from the local team reviews.

Two-pagers on CFPS 2019 Prevention Recommendations 

Progress Report on Prior Recommendations

Statewide and Topic-Specific Data Briefs*
*Updated topic specific data briefs for the 2014-2018 cohort will be uploaded here by July 1, 2020. Please watch the recorded 3/3/20 Data Presentation, reference the CFPS Data Dashboard (both above), or contact the CFPS Epidemiologist Sasha Mintz (