Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Sleep Awareness Week March 14-20

 Sleep Awareness Week information from the National Institute for Children's Health Quality:

Sleep Awareness Week 2021

Join NICHQ in Promoting Safe Infant Sleep.

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Join NICHQ in celebrating Sleep Awareness Week 2021 by advancing advocacy, protection, and promotion of evidence-based safe-sleep practices to ensure that all babies are sleeping safely. 


Approximately 3,500 infants die from sleep-related causes every year. Consistent, evidence-based advice, whether in a hospital or at home, could reduce these numbers, ultimately improving maternal and infant health outcomes, saving babies’ lives, and addressing the significant racial disparities associated with safe sleep and breastfeeding. 


Here's how you can participate:



Promote safe-sleep practices and raise awareness about sleep-related deaths using NICHQ's Safe Sleep Social Media Toolkit — now online!


Follow us on social media for daily themes resources throughout the week.


Every baby deserves to sleep safely. Visit NICHQ's.org for resources and best practices that aim to make safe infant sleep and breastfeeding the norm in states and communities across the country. 

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