Friday, March 8, 2019

Public Awareness Campaign on Pregnancy-Related Depression & Anxiety


Public Awareness Campaign on Pregnancy-Related Depression & Anxiety (PRD)

Thank you to all of our state and local partners who have made the public awareness campaign a terrific success!  With your help, the campaign messages have reached all corners of our vast state. Resources and materials developed for the campaign have been shared with countless communities and providers to support pregnant and new moms!

From the initial baby step of market research in summer 2015 to the pilot campaign in Denver, Tri-County and Larimer, the campaign grew into a formidable effort with more than 100 partners statewide who have been actively utilizing the campaign to strengthen programming and services in local communities. Using additional state funds and local partner resources, the campaign achieved its highest reach and impact in Spring 2018 with a statewide paid media drive. The convening of the special Spanish-language campaign task force in Summer/Fall 2018 ensured a Spanish parallel campaign that not only built awareness about PRD among our Spanish-speaking communities, but its core messages and images were driven by and are consistent with the communities' values, beliefs and realities. Last but not least, our spokesmoms and dads lent their strength and voice to the campaign to help elevate the community’s ability to talk about PRD and anxiety and seek treatment and support.

We are pleased to share with you the following evaluation-related products and reports:

COMPREHENSIVE CAMPAIGN REPORT from Merritt and Grace, LLC, our lead communications and marketing partner for the past three years.
Key findings:
  • Between October 2016 and October 2018, the campaign generated nearly 40 million advertising impressions with more than 130,000 views on the English and Spanish campaign landing pages. 
  • The toll free warm line staffed by Postpartum Support International (PSI) fielded more than 525 calls from Colorado area codes. Additionally, local PSI state co-coordinators received more than 250 inquiries (phone calls, emails, etc.) from individuals across the state wanting to learn more about or find resources for PRD in Colorado.
RESULTS OF CLINIC SURVEYS with 263 pregnant and new mothers from 11 clinics across the state conducted in fall 2018 to gauge the extent to which the public awareness campaign to reduce stigma of pregnancy-related depression (PRD) has made a difference in how women perceive PRD and their views toward treatment for PRD.
Key findings:
  • Women from counties with high levels of campaign exposure may not have seen any PRD messaging. Higher exposure did not mean participants were more likely to have seen ads, nor show higher levels of knowledge.
  • More information about PRD and destigmatizing messages are needed in Colorado. 30% of participants believed knowing how to care for children comes naturally to women; 40% didn’t know if PRD would go away on its own.
  • More information surrounding PRD may be needed in Spanish-speaking communities. Women completing surveys in English showed higher levels of knowledge and more positive attitudes towards PRD compared to those who completed the Spanish surveys.

Versions of a report from a survey project with local community clinics with pregnant and new mothers:
Comprehensive report - Full report and data tables.
Summary report - Summary with infographics and results from all participating clinics.
- Reports specific to each participating clinic:
- Reports shared with participants: EnglishSpanish 

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