Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Resources to Understand Racism in Child Welfare Work

We'd like to share this newly published resource from the Colorado Office of Children, Youth, & Families:

Resources to understand and confront racism in our work

As the nation grapples with the death of George Floyd and countless other people of color who have lost their lives, we're sharing resources about the intersection of racism and our work together. This list is not all-inclusive. Additional information will be shared in the coming weeks.

Webinars this week:

Thursday, June 4, 11am - 12pm
Network for Public Health Law

This webinar will provide you with:

An overview of how child nutrition programs, specifically the Summer Food Service Program and Seamless Summer Option, can be used to support students during the pandemic.

A summary of how SNAP and WIC have been modified in response to the pandemic to better address the needs of Americans. 

An explanation of how government is working to reduce food waste on farms and support the operations of the Nation’s food banks.

Examples of innovative policies implemented by states to address the food security of their vulnerable citizens.

Thursday, June 4, 2 - 3pm
Poligon, American Muslim Health Professionals, Emgage

Are you interested in advocating for policies that benefit the children and families in your community, but aren't sure where to start? This training includes an introduction to how Congress works, advocacy tips for healthcare issues, and advice on how to engage with your representatives and amplify your voice in the policymaking process.

Friday, June 5, 10 - 11am
Public Impact Partners

Join Human Impact Partners for an emergency conversation with public health researchers and advocates on why policing — and police violence — is a public health issue, and what we can do to address it. 

On a related note, in 2018 the American Public Health Association released a policy statement on Addressing Law Enforcement Violence as a Public Health Issue.

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