Wednesday, November 20, 2019

ECLC Communications Guidelines for Engaging Parents & Caregivers

Thoughtful and strategic communication with parents and caregivers is critical to providing information and resources to help them as they make the best choices to support the children in their care.

To aid early childhood professionals in creating communication efforts such as messaging campaigns or public awareness efforts directed toward parents and caregivers, the Early Childhood Leadership Commission (ECLC) has published a new tool  - Communications Guidelines for Engaging Parents & Caregivers. Based on research, these practical tips and guidelines will help early childhood professionals reach and connect with the parents and caregivers in your community.

This new communications resource is based on three major areas for improvement outlined in the 2016 report Early Childhood Communications Efforts in Colorado:


  • Reduce communication “noise” resulting from inconsistencies or duplicate efforts that are unevenly targeted to families and caregivers in regions with different communication needs.
  • Increase the quality of communication, including the use of effective content, enhanced communication training for trusted messengers that connect with parents and caregivers, and a heightened focus on effective tactics. 
  • Provide greater emphasis on the two-way, responsive engagement of parents and caregivers that will generate more positive outcomes for children’s cognitive and social development.
To download a printable checklist and review the ECLC Communications Guidelines for Engaging Parents & Caregivers visit the Tools & Resources section at and be on the look out for more resources in 2020!

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