Friday, June 7, 2019

FUNDING Supporting Healthy Minds and Youth Resiliency

Colorado Health Foundation: Supporting Healthy Minds and Youth Resiliency. Eligible applicants include Colorado-based community-based organizations or public agencies that engage youth in safe, supportive and culturally responsive environments that work to enhance social-emotional skills.

Overview Anxiety, depression, suicide and substance use are widely understood to be the most pressing behavioral health issues facing Colorado youth and young adults. Challenges young people experience can lead to substance use, the onset of mental health concerns and an increased need for support. While behavioral health (inclusive of mental health and substance use) needs are felt statewide, and by people of all socio-economic standing, inequities exist across groups and geographies. Such inequities result from a variety of underlying issues including discrimination, harassment, various forms of violence, stressors related to poverty or immigration status, cultural stigma and access to culturally responsive resources. Behavioral health inequities in Colorado call for prevention and early intervention with young people facing the greatest risks, as well as changes within their environment to support resiliency. The Supporting Healthy Minds and Youth Resiliency funding opportunity aims to build social-emotional skills and create supportive environments to improve resiliency for young people facing barriers to mental well-being. Through this funding opportunity, the Foundation seeks to enhance young people’s social-emotional skills and positive relationships, so they have greater ability to cope and thrive despite adversity.
Deadline is June 15. Learn more

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