Thursday, April 11, 2019

OPPORTUNITY Summer Institute on Child Maltreatment

The Kempe Summer Institute is recruiting students for its 2019 session August 5-9. Funded for five years by NICHD, we are building on our pilot work over the past two years to establish our courses. We have received great reviews from participants, made refinements, and are eager to recruit our new classes for this summer. We would appreciate your help. There are scholarships available on a competitive basis. See:

  • Course 1 (led by Des Runyan and Dan Lindberg) is for medical clinicians already familiar with child abuse, and interested in developing their research skills. 
  • Course 2 (led by John Fluke) is for trained researchers (or researchers in training) who are interested in gaining more knowledge about the problem of child abuse and neglect and learning about the different approaches to research, data resources, and ethical challenges in this body of work. 
  • Course 3 (Led by Carol Runyan and Ashley Brooks-Russell) will introduce those with some familiarity with the topic of child maltreatment to public health concepts and approaches to prevention and will include discussion of significant preventive interventions with many of the innovators who developed the interventions and/or their evaluations.

The courses run simultaneously over one week, so students may take only one. Those interested in graduate credit may obtain one credit from the Colorado School of Public Health.

Please visit the link above for more information!

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