Thursday, August 16, 2018

RESOURCE Overview on Child Neglect

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Acts of Omission: An Overview of Child Neglect

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Over 75 percent of child maltreatment cases in the United States are the result of neglect—far more than physical or sexual abuse.
So why does it receive less attention from practitioners, researchers, and the media?
One reason may be that child neglect is difficult to identify, making it hard to effectively prevent and treat. Neglect can also be challenging to understand.
For example, the difference between neglect and poverty isn’t always considered, which can lead to unnecessary family separations and stigma. This newly updated guide on child neglect can benefit professionals and the public alike.
For Caseworkers
Read about lessons learned from projects such as Families Actively Improving Relationships and the Trauma Adapted Family Connections intervention, and how several states are using differential response along with family-centered and partnership-based approaches.
The guide also provides additional resources, including links to assessment tools, training toolkits, and more.
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