Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Deadline February 15: Healthier Colorado, Partnerships in Local Advocacy

Local public policy has a big impact on health, and we want to empower locally generated ideas to improve health. That’s why we’ve launched the Partnerships in Local Advocacy (PiLA) program. Any interested individual or organization is invited to submit a letter of intent to request support for a local public policy campaign within the locality in which they reside or serve. PiLA is focused on campaigns to influence public policy decisions made by city councils, county commissions, and school or special district boards that require “lobbying activity” as defined under the IRS code (more can be found here).

The proposed campaign should be within our areas of interest, and you can see the process timeline below. This is not a grant program, at least not in the traditional sense. As you can see below, financial support is one of the types of resources that can be offered. That support can be provided in various forms as needed, such as a financial campaign contribution or in-kind support to procure materials or services. We are interested in campaign-ready public policy opportunities and approach projects in the spirit of partnership. Within PiLA, we work collaboratively with selected partners to provide needed resources, while also expecting that locals will power the campaign on the ground

Read more here: https://healthiercolorado.org/partnerships-local-advocacy/

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