Wednesday, October 7, 2015

October is SIDS Awareness Month

Division of Reproductive Health Global Activity eUpdate

Learn how CDC and partners are addressing SIDS and other types of sleep-related infant deaths among Native Americans with the 1,000 Grandmothers project.

SIDS Blocks
American Indians/Alaska Natives have the highest rates of SIDS and other sleep-related deaths among all racial and ethnic groups. To address this disparity among the Native American population, CDC partnered with the International Association of Indigenous Aging and the Michigan Public Health Institute to design and implement the 1,000 Grandmothers project. This project created opportunities for tribal elders (especially grandmothers) to mentor and educate young Native parents on safe sleep practices for infants. Each site used adaptations of selected Healthy Native Babies materials and selected a cultural activity that honored the traditions of the tribe.
Read more about SIDS and other types of sleep-related infant deaths as well as other CDC activities to address this problem at

Read more about SUID and SIDS from CDC's Division of Reproductive Health.

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