Friday, June 6, 2014

CFPS Evaluation Plan

During the past several months, evaluators from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) facilitated a planning process to engage internal and external stakeholders and develop an evaluation plan of the Colorado Child Fatality Prevention System (CFPS)

There are two goals of the evaluation: 
  1. A process evaluation of how the CFPS is implemented in order to provide data for continuous quality improvement during implementation and maintenance of the system and evidence-based recommendations for implementing and running a state-wide CFPS.
  2. Evaluation of the outcomes of the CFPS with a particular focus on how successful CFPS is at producing actionable prevention recommendations and the actions taken as a result of these recommendations.

Beginning July 1, 2014, this multi-faceted evaluation will be implemented in order to capture the different processes that are occurring during the implementation of the CFPS as well as the outcomes of the 2013 legislation changes. The evaluation is proposed to occur over five years in order to capture short, medium, and long term outcomes. At the end of this five-year plan, it is envisioned that a similar evaluation design process will occur taking into account the findings of the last five years, new goals and any changing stakeholder goals for evaluation.

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